Energy Raising

This is magick - the movement of natural energies to effect needed change.

The classic times to raise energy are at full moon, solstices and equinoxes for there are extra Earth energies that can be utilised to enhance the effectiveness of magick. The raising of energy can be done in a variety of ways. Whatever the way used it is important to attempt to hold it inside your body until it has reached its peak and then to release it and send it towards a goal. It is however difficult to retain all of this power, particularly during dancing and so the circle does this job of holding the power in until it is ready to be release. At the time of release a hole is opened at the apex of the circle and let through to do its work without disrupting the circle.


The Equilibrium for Energy

The laws of Thermodynamics state that everything is interconnected. Energy is not created, nor destroyed, it is transmuted. Barry Commoner The Closing Circle (1971) said the four laws of ecology are:


Everything is connected to everything else.

Everything must go somewhere.

Nature knows best.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.


The equilibrium of the universe is not static but dynamic. Energy is continually in motion. It flows in spirals and is cyclical and wave form in nature. No form of energy can be exerted indefinitely in only one direction. Always it will peak and then turn. No-one can be constantly creative, sexual, angry or constantly anything that requires energy. Recognising this alternation will help sustain a dynamic, healthy balance. Ritual, spells and meditations that raise energy will centre on aiding it to flow. Magick is part of nature, it does not controvert natural laws but it can teach us to tap sources of energy that are unlimited and infinite.


Nevertheless there is no free lunch. To raise energy we must expend it. In working magick we expend our own physical and emotional energy and take care to replenish it. In most group rituals energy is usually moulded into the form of a cone called The Cone of Power. At the base of the cone is the circle of coveners. Its apex can focus on an individual, an object, a collectively visualised image. At times it is allowed to rise and fall naturally or it may be sent off in a burst of force directed by one person who may either be part of the circle or stand at its centre. Rhythm, drums, handclaps, dance movements can be used in building the cone. Names, Goddess and God names, simple incantations, sung chants can be used to raise power. It can be raised with something as simple as breathing. At the end of raising the energy and releasing it, grounding should then follow. This helps dissipate into the earth the residual energies that we have raised and also revitalising ourselves so that we tap directly into the unlimited sources of elemental energy in the earth. Thus power flows through us, not out of us.

"Awareness of energy is awareness of the great dance of the universe. Seemingly intangible it underlies all we can touch. It is the only constant, although it is constant change, eternal flux. Awareness of your own energy is the awareness that flesh and spirit are one, that thou art Goddess, eternally linked, connected, at one with the moving spirit of All" The Spiral Dance by Starhawk.


The Means for Conjuring Power



Aspecting (possession, an invocation)


Trance and astral projection


Potions including herbs, wines, incenses and oils


Dancing, drumming, rattles, music


Blood control


Working with stellar, Earth, sun and astrological energies


Chants and sacred breath






Scourging, fasting and sacrifice


Earthing the Power

Once energy has been sent residual power will usually rush around within you and also within the circle. It is important that it be earthed and so that you are also able to re-charge yourself with energy from the Earth. This may consist of just falling to the ground, lying out flat, doing a formal 'grounding' exercise such as a Chakra opening and closing, laughter and talking, or performing an act of communion called simply 'Cakes and Wine'. The ritual gesture of food and drink will kick your body back into a different mode, it will bring into play very physical processes such as salivation and digestion and elimination of waste. In addition a libation of earth to the Goddess and God should be made by scattering cake crumbs and pouring a few drops of sacramental wine onto the ground or into a special bowl. Food and wine are often blessed before eating and usually with the athame into the chalice.