An Introduction To Faerie Magick

Let me start by telling you why I felt qualified to write this section. Many, many years ago, I was struggling to practice solitary, eclectic Witchcraft. There was very little information available at the time and what there was tended to be incomplete or totally inaccurate, especially when it came to spellcrafting. One day while I was outdoors trying to cast a spell and getting more frustrated by the moment I started hearing a soft laughter. Every time I goofed again I would hear that same laughter. That was my first introduction to the Fey folks. They have been with me, guiding, teaching, and at times driving me to distraction, ever since.


There are two books on the market that purport to teach Faery Wicca, the same author writes both. While I do not disagree with all of the teachings in those books, I do tend to disagree with their underlying premise that Faery Wicca is a combination of Wicca and the Irish Faery Faith Tradition. Her Faery Wicca may be but mine is not. There are stories and legends and folk tales about various denizens of the Fey Realm on every inhabited continent, most of those stories are from times before any Irishman ever set foot on that soil. Therefore, I find it hard to accept the narrow view that only Irish Faery Traditions can be combined with Wicca to make up this fascinating, compelling, wonderful branch of Paganism called Faery Wicca.


Now, what IS Faery Wicca?

It’s the incorporation of the Wiccan beliefs and practices with Faeries, Elves, Gnomes, Sprites, Unicorns, Dragons, and hundreds of other denizens of the Fey Realm.


How is this done?

In any number of ways. You can call them into your circle and ask for their assistance in ceremonies, rituals, and spellwork. You can invite them into your home or yard so that they are with you always. You can go on a Shamanic journey and ask to meet the ones that are willing to teach you. Or possibly they will simply appear in your life one day.


How will you know if they are around?

In any number of ways, you may encounter a wonderful fragrance sometimes when there isn’t anything or anyone around that it could be coming from, you might find an indentation in a pillow or cushion or bed that you know no one could have made, you may hear a very faint sort of other worldly music that’s hauntingly beautiful, you may find your possessions disappearing and reappearing days or weeks later somewhere totally unlikely, or you may hear a sort of mocking laughter when you are being really dumb.