Remember These Things

· A Wiccan knows the nature and ways of their time.

· A Wiccan knows what they know, and should make no other claims.

· A Wiccan seeks to harm none, but faced with the necessary choice between two ills, they will seek the lesser.

· A Wiccan places wisdom first in life rather than love, for love without wisdom is hurtful, but always temper wisdom with love.

· A Wiccan knows to seek not more than they need and they shall ever have enough and even abound.

· A Wiccan seeks to know two things: what they are, and what deity is, and if they come to know the answer to either of these, they will know the other.

· A Wiccan turns no one away seeking the ancient knowledge.

· A Wiccan knows that they are one with all things and all things are one with them.

· A Wiccan strives to overcome fear, of human, death, and other entities/things.

· A Wiccan knows that all things work best when they are positive to all concerned. They also realise the duality, for the negative is also part of the oneness. So seek balance - not stasis. You cannot build upon that which you refuse to recognise.

· A Wiccan knows that there is an element of laughter in all things, no matter how negative they seem. Seek this out, for it is your protection against deviation of mind and will. It can neutralise and make clear the answer you need.