Types  of  Divination



Aeromancy - By air

Alectryomancy - By poultry

Arithmomancy (also Numerology) - By numbers

Botanomancy - By herbs

Capnomancy - By smoke

Carromancy - By melting wax

Cartomancy - By cards

Catoptromancy - By mirror

Chiromancy - By the palm of the hand

Cledomancy - By words

Cleromancy - By lots

Gastromancy - By the sounds of the stomach

Hydromancy - By water

Idolomancy - By idols

Lampadomancy - By lamps or candles

Oneiromancy - By dreams

Onychomancy - By the fingernails

Ornithomancy - By bird flight or song

Podomancy - By the feet

Pyromancy - By fire

Spatalamancy - By skins, bones or excrement

Sycomancy - By figs

Tyromancy -
By the coagulation of cheese