Moon Magick

The moon is important to any ritual work. It is the core of magick and mystery. The moon can have a strange effect on both animal and human, especially the full moon. The word ‘lunacy’ originates from this very behaviour.


The moon governs the ebb and flow of the oceans on earth through its gravitational pull. When the sun and moon are in alignment with the earth, during full-moon phases, there is a particularly strong gravitational pull on the ocean’s surface, creating what is known as high spring tide. This influences human behaviour as our bodies are basically made up of 70% water and emotions. This also echoes throughout nature, which is why it is most important to select herbs for magickal work during the full moon phase when their water content and potency are at their height. Farmers and gardeners definitely benefit when working by the moon calendar.

The 13th Month of the Lunar Calendar

The ancient Celtic calendar was based on 13 lunar months. The moon orbits the earth approximately every 29 ½ days, but the sun signs are on average about a day longer than the lunar month. So, each new moon starts earlier in a sun-sign period, until a new moon occurs so soon after the start of the sun sign that there is room for the entire lunar month before the sun sign changes. Two new moons appear in the same sun sign every 2 – 3 years. Adjustments are made when this happens and a 13th lunar month is added, which is allowed to fall where it will. Since the sun sign periods are a little longer during the summer months, 2 new moons occur more often during the summer months. The 13 month moon is referred to as the Blue Moon, a mysterious changeable moon full of magickal powers.

The Buddhists revere the power of the full moon in Taurus and Gemini as they believe that these 2 full moons open the door to the higher consciousness. The missing 13th astrological sign – known as Arachne, the spider, who spins the web of life – is said to have fallen between Taurus and Gemini.


However, the moon is changeable – just like the Goddess herself – so each year the true lengths of the months vary according to the dates of the new moon.

Moon and Tree Magick Moon magick is always associated with tree magick as the tree is regarded as one of the most powerful totems in nature. The branches reach upwards toward the heavens to receive messages – while the roots dig deep into the earth providing protection, food and medicine – nurture for humans and animals and making the bridge between the seen and the unseen worlds. Those who practise the Old Ways revere the tree as a sacred part of life, using its mystical qualities to empower festive celebrations and magickal rites.