Trading Places Exercise

This exercise is simple enough to memorise and to practice, and though it was not written specifically for bonding with an animal familiar it was designed for becoming familiar with an animal, and inducing a mystical experience. I think you will readily discern its value in the acquiring of a familiar.


Trading Places Exercise Objective:

To trade places (mentally) with a dog or cat, or other animal.


1. Relax your body as completely as you can. Calm your mind, eliminating all thoughts that do not relate to your intent and purpose. Sit so that you are comfortable, and as nearly as possible on the same level with the animal you will be working with. Lie down if you like. The important thing is that you are able to comfortably make eye contact with your animal partner in this exercise. It is also important to satisfy yourself that the animal is likewise comfortable and secure with you.

2. Take a deep breath. As you slowly exhale, look into the animal's eyes, and imagine that a part of your awareness is being transmitted through your breath into the animal's mind. Watch the animal breathe, and imagine that a part of its awareness is being transmitted into your mind.

3. Continue looking directly into the animal's eyes until you feel your consciousness merge with the animal's consciousness.


As the boundaries between you and the animal dissolve, you may feel as if you've really traded places with a member of another species, as though a part of you has become the animal - this is the height of subjective merging. You may begin to feel compassion for another species. You'll also probably recognise some of the artificial differences between the human and animal worlds. You may be able to feel or sense the actual flow of the animal’s emotions and mental imagery. Should you accomplish this then it should be no trouble for you to contract with the animal to serve as your magical partner. Asking another to become such a partner also places upon you the responsibility of becoming its partner. I would not recommend contracting an animal to become your familiar and then treating the animal as a pet. A pet is something you possess, own. A Familiar, to my way of thinking, is an individual who has entered into a mutually beneficial relationship (partnership) with you, and therefore should be afforded the respect and consideration due a partner.



(Say in your mind)

My heart to your heart

Nerve, bone and spine,

My mind to your mind

Your vision is mine,

I look through your eyes

You look through mine,

Between us we know things

Beyond both our kind.