Water Scrying


To scry with water you will need:


A dark-coloured bowl or small cauldron

Water to fill the vessel


A candle

Blessing oil

A purple cord or ribbon long enough to form a circle around the bowl of water and the candle

Three crystals, which have only one point each

A match


Set aside time late in the evening when you will not be disturbed, and situate yourself at a table with a comfortable chair that allows your body to relax. Create a circle on the table with the purple cord or ribbon.


Take the mugwort in your left hand, covering it with your right, and bless it. To bless the mugwort, close your eyes and visualise white light moving from the universe or Goddess through your head, down your arm, and into the mugwort. Visualise that you are inhaling this white, purifying light, and sending the newly received energy into the mugwort. Bless the mugwort with words similar to:


"I do bless this sacred mugwort and thank it for its use in empowering my scrying. This be done with the power of the Lord and of the Lady, harming none, and for the good of All."


Sprinkle the mugwort within the circle on the table. Anoint and bless the candle with oil, which is beneficial to scrying or psychic awareness. To bless the candle, take up the oil and lightly anoint the candle, bottom to middle and top to middle, with the oil. A small dab of oil the size of a shirt button will suffice. Use words similar to:


"I do bless this candle to illuminate the way to the future. This be done with the power of the Lord and the Lady, harming none, and for the good of All."


Place the candle within the circle on the table, toward the back edge of the circle.
Take up the bowl of water, and bless the water using a method similar to those methods used for the candle and the mugwort, and place the bowl of water within the circle on the table.

Take up the three crystals and bless them. Place the crystals around the bowl or cauldron of water with the points facing to the centre

Close your eyes and move within yourself to a meditative state. Inhale and become aware of your breath filling your lungs. As you exhale, allow the muscles in your body to relax. When you have achieved a deep level of relaxation, visualise a deep blue light growing within yourself. Allow the blue light to move outside of yourself, escaping through your pores. Encompass yourself and the table within a great protective bubble of blue light. It is a perfect sphere. Take several breaths, seeing the protective light becoming stronger and stronger. At this time, focus on Goddess or God energy. Invite this energy to fill the protected area.

Now, begin to concentrate on the purpose for your scrying work. Is it for your future? Is it for a friend's future? The future decisions of our world leaders? The future of humanity? Allow yourself to go more deeply within yourself until you know you will achieve results.


When you have reached that deep level of focus, open your eyes and light the candle. Touch a finger into the water, and then dab your forehead in the sixth chakra or third eye area. As you do this, mentally note that you are joining your psychic centre with spiritual waters that can tell you what you wish to know.

With your eyes open, move again to that deep state of relaxation, empty your mind, and use your breathing to move yourself to that meditative place within. Gaze into the water that you have blessed. Expect no outcome; divest yourself of any results. It is time to simply let go, forget about time, and become receptive to the visions or symbols or even dissociated thoughts.