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6/14/2010 02:43:56 pm

I'm curious as to how you got the photos to your site and I would suggest enlarging your runes, they are hard to read. Other then that I think you did a great job.

9/11/2012 01:29:44 pm

I am really enjoying your site think you for sharing it.

3/9/2013 05:17:12 am

Very informative site. I especially enjoy the animal guide information and beleive that as they cross our paths, with a greater understanding of their meanings we can evolve to a greater level.

10/8/2013 11:26:52 pm

Interesting combination of information :) I was here also for an animal totem and thought I would browse...
Thank you for offering this site and insight.

1/10/2015 06:59:51 am

I have decided to bookmark this site because it is quite informative and interesting. I say keep up the great work!! Merry Meet

12/10/2015 05:58:24 pm

All these long-form contents gather a lot of valuable information about the incense, the herbs, the essential oils. Thank you for this awesome work.

1/26/2016 04:40:43 am

Hi Anthony

Below is the prayer request I wished to submit but there is a glitch on that platform which has prevented me.
Thank you so much for helping us light workers and humanity this well. You truly are a blessing<3
I am 100 percent certain that a colleague of mine tirelessly tries to ruin everything that is good in my life. My job, my money, my car my happy home. She has been trying to fill my position for years and actually got rid of my unsuspecting predecessor. Now it has become so deep to the point that she tries to interrupt my life and progress. i have prayed and done a ritual which helps but she doesn't get tired no matter how much she fails. I have a very deep intuition so I can tell when she is up to something. I want her to back off. Please pray for me and also please advise as to how I can help myself to get out of this situation. She is deep into using metaphysical methods to harm others, but I am well protected by my angels. i am even my worried now that I am pregnant and she told me a story about how some women was hexed such that she exceeded her full term of pregnancy. this is how she normally indirectly shows her evil side.

9/25/2016 08:48:28 pm

very nice site

10/9/2016 08:57:26 pm

I don't have a website. Im just drifting through, looking in and like what I find.

2/9/2017 09:44:16 pm

So much info. Great reference site. Thank you for taking the time to share.

3/2/2017 07:20:36 am

Much gratitude for this site & information.

6/18/2017 04:54:17 am

very educational website

Matthew Dalley
7/18/2017 10:16:24 am

Originally just here for the herbal grimoire and then signed up because this is a very helpful site to have in the future.


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